A little about me

I need it a career change.  After high school, I went on to college where I received a degree in business administration.  After graduation, I started working for a debt collection company because finding a job after you go to college for four years is not as easy as one hopes.  Well, after working at the collection agency for about a year, I got the opportunity to work as a customer service manager for a big supermarket chain in New England. 


At that point in my life, I started questioning my career.  I  wasn't too crazy about my job and it quickly became harder and harder to go to work.  So, I did what most of us do and I looked for a career change.  I found Massage Therapy!


I graduated from Cortiva Institute of Massage in 2009, and Elizabeth Grady Aesthetic School in 2012.  It's never late to make changes in your life and I am happy I made the decision to change.  This career gives me the flexibility to take care of my family.

My Philosophy


I treat all my clients with respect and professionalism.  My goal is to help you with your body and skin concerns.  I like to give my clients all the information I can and together work towards the desire outcome.